By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thirteen-year-old Jahmeal is glued to his iPhone.

(Jahmeal): “Texting, going on the Internet.”

(Kane): “What do you do on the Internet? Do you read the news?”

(Jahmeal): “Yeah.”

(Kane): “What kind of news do you read?”

(Jahmeal): “Good news.”

When he’s not on his phone, he’s in the kitchen, cooking and baking.

(Kane): “What do you bake?”

(Jahmeal): “Cupcakes.”

(Kane): “What flavor of cupcakes?”

(Jahmeal): “Strawberry.”

Jahmeal loves trying new things, according to his social worker, Stephanie Andujar.

“There’s a traditional dish from the Dominican Republic,” Andujar says, “and he actually really surprised me when he asked me, ‘oh, can you make me some Mangu (mashed plantains)? I said, ‘you know what that is!?”

She says Jahmeal is curious about the world and needs a loving, committed family to support him.

Gloria Hochman, from the Philadelphia-based National Adoption Center, says Jahmeal has a lot of love to give.

“Before he left, he gave me a big, unsolicited hug,” Hochman says. “He’s friendly and warm. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up or maybe even a lawyer. And he needs a family that will nurture him and love him.”

For more information about adopting Michael or any other child, go to the National Adoption Center’s  web site,, or call 215-735-9988.

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