By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The NBA typically is not buzzing with news around this time of year. We got everything we could out of NBA Summer League and Free Agency, but everything came to a halt after LeBron James made his big decision.

That was until Twitter saved the day.

There have been a number of NBA hashtags making the rounds among teams over the last week. First there was #NBAMusicians and then there was #NBASitcoms and now there is #NBASuperheroes.

Teams throughout the league took to Twitter on Wednesday with some of their best edited pictures to give fans a look at their players as superheroes.

The Sixers’ first attempt at an #NBASuperheroes post came in the hero version of Nerlens Noel. His alter ego paid homage to the “Fantastic Four,” leader Mr. Fantastic. Noel’s wingspan may not necessarily rival that of Mr. Fantastic, but it may seem that way to opponents coming down the lane.

The Sixers also decided to redo a few of their rookies as well. How about Dario Saric as Mario? Is Mario technically a Super Hero? The Sixers don’t seem to be entirely sure.

The team also retweeted a fan that decided to show off just how much comic book knowledge they have. Do you know who Jor-El is? I’ll admit, I didn’t before researching it, but he is the biological Kryptonian father of Superman. Naturally you have “Jor-El Embiid.”

The Sixers decided to keep it simple with this particular Super Hero. No cape needed when it comes to this guy.

They probably could have called him “The Answer,” though if they wanted to include a super hero name.

Head over to Twitter and check out the rest of the #NBASuperheroes.

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