By Natasha Brown

By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police capture a suspect who they say tried to strangle a woman with a rope.

James Jones captured a jarring crime scene in his neighborhood at 45th and Larchwood in the middle of the day.

“I did focus on the rope and the wire that he tried to strangle her with,” Jones said.

A rope that still lays on the ground. The rope used just moments earlier in a terrifying robbery.

“He comes up behind her.  She feels tightened to her neck, she has a wire placed around her neck which has rope on each end and he’s pulling it tight,” Lt. John Walker of Philadelphia Police said.

Police say the attack happened at 12:40 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Plain clothes officers in the area heard the victim’s screams and were able to nab the suspect. Officers say this isn’t the first time this suspect, identified as Andre Taylor, 33,  has tried to strangle and rob a woman in this area. A 27-year-old University of Pennsylvania student was also attacked in Sunday afternoon. Something she was wearing became a weapon used against her.

“He used her own headphone wire to strangle her and when they fell to the ground, obviously the headphones fell off and she was able to free herself from him,” Lt. Walker said.

“Twelve-forty in the afternoon isn’t something that you expect, as I’m throwing the trash out my guard is down a little bit, and so this will certainly tie the reins,” resident Kim Grentz said.

The brazen broad daylight robberies have residents more guarded, more adamant now about protecting themselves and their neighborhood.

“People have to get involved. If you don’t, then this is going to happen. If you turn your lights out and shut everything down at eight o’clock and roll up the sidewalk, it’s an open invitation to the criminals,” Jones said.

Both of the female victims say that the suspect placed the rope and/or wire tight enough around their necks that they were unable to breath for a few seconds.

In the meantime Taylor is now charged with several offenses including robbery, attempted murder, aggravated assault and theft charges.

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