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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Eagles legend and team broadcaster Mike Quick joined Anthony and Rob on Tuesday afternoon to talk about Training Camp and preview the season ahead.

Being one of the best receivers in team history, Quick has an experienced perspective to give when it comes to Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles wideout is going to try to bounce back this season following an entire year off. Quick is expecting big things from Maclin.

“He wants to be a number one and I think a lot of the offense is going to be geared that way,” Quick said of Maclin. “In the early goings before he was hurt he got a lot of balls. A lot of things were designed to get him the football. I just think he’s going to have a big year.”

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Quick also mentioned that he is encouraged by the level of talent that the Eagles have assembled. He is confident that Chip Kelly will overcome the tape teams have on him and will add even more wrinkles to his scheme in year two.

“I just can’t wait to see this thing unfold every week,” Quick said.

Quick offered his take on another addition to the wide receiver group. The Eagles took Jordan Matthews with their second selection in this year’s NFL Draft and Quick is in favor of how the team plans to use him.

“I think it’s a smart smart move to put Matthews in the slot because he’s going to create some real big mismatch problems,” Quick said. The Eagles legend thought back to a time in his career when he played in the slot to avoid double teams.

“I learned so much about the game of football from working in the slot. I think it’s going to be so valuable for Matthews.”

Quick is also excited to see what Kelly does with all the new weapons in the offense. “It’s like Chip Kelly’s in the lab just cooking up stuff,” Quick described. Quick mentioned the fact that the Eagles already have the player that in his mind is the best screen back in the NFL in LeSean McCoy and also managed to add a player in Darren Sproles who is one of the players just behind McCoy in that category.

“There’s so many things you’re able to do with this offense now. It’s so dynamic you’ll never know where the punch is going to come from with this team.”

Quick also touched on the key to the Eagles offense, Nick Foles, and how despite some recent criticisms, Foles has been a great leader for the Birds.

“He’s not going to change who he is. He’s not  a guy that wants to draw a lot of attention to him,” Quick said of Foles. “Nick’s very simple. He keeps it simple. He’s a heck of a football player and to me, a heck of a

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