By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You know the old song, some kind of friends are the kinds of friends we all could do without? That song could have been written for Candace and Robert Landreth, who were arrested in South Carolina, after allegedly breaking into the homes of Facebook friends who posted their vacation plans.

So, this is a reminder to all those people who are in the midst of their Facebook vacation countdown: “only ten more days until we leave for Paradise. Only nine more days…” Not only are you annoying those of us without vacation plans, you are reminding all of those “friends” oh yeah, and all of their friends and all of their friends who can see your status update that it’s only ten more days, now nine more days, until you will have an empty house.

Instead, wait until you are back from your trip to annoy us with your pictures – of yourself, fully clad of course and without the alcohol in your hand – of what a great time you just HAD on your vacation now that you have returned to your fully occupied home.

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