PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Major League Baseball trade deadline is on Thursday and the 46-60 Philadelphia Phillies are expected to be one of the biggest sellers. Phillies general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr., however, said on Tuesday that he’s under no pressure no make any moves by July 31st.

“Here’s the deal. We are not under pressure to have to move players at this time just because there’s still time for us to do that, whether it be in the offseason,” Amaro told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show. “Whether it be after the deadline—a lot of the deals that could be done, particularly in our situation because we have a lot of money associated with some of these players. It is a great risk to certain teams to be claiming players with larger contracts because we can make deals pretty easily if they aren’t claimed. So we have a—and plus, our ownership group has never put us in position to have to dump money or to dump players and so, we’re not in that mode. What we’re trying to do, is we’re trying to make the best baseball moves for the organization moving forward. If we can’t do it during the deadline, there are also opportunities to do it during the offseason and opportunities to do it during the course of the end of this season.”

Listen: Ruben Amaro Jr. talks to the 94WIP Morning Show

With the trade being about two days away, Amaro talks about the fluidity of potential deals and discussions.

“Well, I never believe in anything being close until it’s actually done and there’s an agreement, but we’ve had a lot of dialogue and actually some new and intriguing stuff that has popped up even in the last 24 hours and maybe even in the last 15 hours,” Amaro admitted on Tuesday morning. “There’s a lot of different things that are happening. That said, I still view us as a team that could be very active. At the same time, you just don’t know whether you can get to the finish line.”


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