By Joseph Santoliquito

Philadelphia, PA (CBS) — Two fights in two days. You’d think Chip Kelly was turning into Don King, minus the electro-shock hairdo, after the Eagles’ Training Camp had another brawl, when cornerback Bradley Fletcher and wide receiver Jeremy Maclin got into it during an open practice at Lincoln Financial Field on Monday.

It’s the second time Eagles players threw down in two days. On Sunday at the NovaCare Complex, All Pro running back LeSean McCoy and linebacker Trent Cole traded fists.

This time, Maclin and Fletcher were throwing right hands in front the sideline media contingent. It was a quick altercation, which Fletcher may have gotten the better of, pulling back and winging Maclin with a right hand to the body.

Neither, however, will be threatening Bernard Hopkins any time soon. Tempers were quickly extinguished as Fletcher fell on top of Maclin and a pile consumed them both in attempts to break it up.

Fletcher did make overtures towards wanting to speak with Maclin, but a number of players stepped forward and suggested he let Maclin cool down first.

Maclin, his pads off, walked by himself for a few moments after the fight, and then quickly walked to the locker room refusing to answer reporter’s questions after practice. He rushed off the field with an angry, twisted expression, wearing a sweaty t-shirt, his shoulder pads and helmet dangling from his right hand.

Fletcher, though, did speak.

“Some emotions got going, that’s all that happened,” Fletcher said. “We’re just playing ball. Emotions got going and one thing led to another. It’s football. Emotions get going and things happen. You have contact going on and you just keep going until the next day. To be honest, I don’t even remember [if Maclin said something to him earlier during practice]. I haven’t talked to him.”

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