By Jay Lloyd

By Jay Lloyd

ROCK HALL, Md. (CBS) — Even if you’ve planned the perfect getaway, it can dissolve in an instant due to accidental injury or similar mishap.

After a recent interrupted trip of my own, I’d like to offer some ideas about dealing with a stumble.

It was to be four great days of sailing the Chesapeake.  Instead, I found myself riding a gurney to a date with an emergency room nurse, who asked, “What happened?”

(Me:)  “Well, I fell off the boat onto a dock.”

(Her:)  “Have you been to this hospital before?”

(Me:) “Yes.”

(Her:) “What for?”

(Me:)  “I fell off the boat onto a dock.”

She looks at me and purrs, “I see a trend developing here.”

So there I was, with a muscle tear and a wrecked sailing trip.

But now, please allow me to offer a couple of tips for those ER visits you may be facing during a future getaway.

  • First and foremost, keep your sense of humor intact.
  • Deal with the injury, and don’t worry about the lost getaway.  Get well, and there’ll be many more ahead.
  • Always be prepared by carrying a list of medications and all your insurance cards.
  • Carry travel insurance.
  • And finally, know in advance who you’ll call to get you home if you are unable to continue traveling on your own.

Stay safe!


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