By Jim Donovan

By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it could be worth much more than that if you’re willing to sell it!

3 On Your Side consumer reporter Jim Donovan shows us how some people are cashing in on their selfies!

This famous selfie crashed Twitter, Joe Biden posted his first selfie with his boss, we’ve even seen the occasional Papal selfie.

Now there’s a way for consumers to cash in on their own self portraits.

Anne Caringella is a stay at home mom who takes photos with her smart phone daily.

She wouldn’t mind making a little extra cash.

“I had no idea there would be a company that would want to pay me for my pictures,” said Caringella.

But there is.

It could be a candid photo of your weekend activities.

A picture of you heading out on vacation or a shot where you’re horsing around with your co-workers.

Just snap some pics, upload them to an app and you may make some money!

Foap and Scoopshot are among several sites where companies ask consumers to take selfies with their products.

Scoopshot’s Petri Rahja says if they like what they see, they offer to buy them.

“We are seeing more and more brands engaging consumers, your Coca Cola moment, please send your photos in, or like Finnair,” said Rahja.

The airline asked Scoopshot users to send in travel selfies. They ended up purchasing about 50 of the 800 selfies that were submitted for about $15 each.

A cosmetics company gave $1,000 to a selfie contest winner, McDonald’s paid just over $20 for food focused selfies.  And a hotel in Puerto Rico held a selfie sweepstakes, with the winner getting a free weekend stay.

Tatiana Delgadillo made $35 dollars on a concert picture she uploaded.

“This was at a Kid Cudi concert,” Delgadillo  said.

She says you can set your own price or accept what a company offers for special requests.

“There was one that asked for lacrosse sticks and I was like oh, I have a lot of friends on lacrosse! So that was an easy one,” she said.

So far she’s made $74 for three selfies.

“For a picture I take like in a second, it’s easy,” said Delgadillo.

Photos can be sold more than once.  But keep in mind, once someone buys it they can do whatever they want with it.

And if there are other people in your photos, unless they are well known public figures, you must get their permission before you can sell the pictures.

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