By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – You’ve heard the tips for a job interview. But what about when your interview is on Skype?

Your Dad always taught you to have a firm handshake and dress respectfully for an interview. But your Dad probably didn’t have his first round of interviews on line. What are the rules for Skype interviews?

Not that different from in-person interviews, according to The Muse.

First of all, treat a webcam interview like a real interview, dress as you would if you were meeting a potential employer in person. And lock your door. Really, interruptions make you look like a distracted parent if your kids barge in, like a stupid teenager if your parents do.

And while studies have shown hiring managers decide on a candidate’s hireability within 30 seconds of meeting him, largely based on body language, the same is true for a webcam interview. So, watch out for the unconscious tics and don’t constantly fix your hair just because you can see yourself on the side of your screen if you hope to show off your firm handshake in person by making it to the next round.

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