PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Radio City Music Hall is the venue we all associate the NFL Draft with. In 2015, the league will be moving the draft to another location.

Roger Goodell announced on Thursday that New York had been ruled out as an option due to scheduling conflicts. Several teams and cities expressed interest in hosting the event. “We had 12 cities that were interested,” Goodell said.

The two cities that have risen to the top are Chicago and Los Angeles. “They both have tremendous bids,” Goodell stated. Los Angeles is obviously an interesting venue considering the fact that the city does not have an NFL franchise.

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There has been speculation for years that Los Angeles may be on the radar if a team decides to relocate and hosting the NFL Draft could be a small way for the city to linger on the minds of the NFL. reported that Philadelphia has also expressed interested in hosting the annual event, but the NFL is not considering the city an option. Philadelphia showed some ability to pull off such an event as the city hosted the most recent NHL Draft.

The league is also considering expanding the NFL Draft once again. The draft may take place over four days as opposed to the current three days. Goodell also raised the possibility of the teams themselves making their final day selections from their own facilities.

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