By Jon Johnson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — WIP Host Jon Johnson was joined on Thursday night by Dr. Richard Ferkel, the surgeon who performed the foot surgery on newly drafted Sixer. Joel Embiid.

There has been a cloud of mystery surrounding the injury which was specifically a fracturing of Embiid’s navicular bone. The same injury contributed to the decline of a number of NBA careers including those of Bill Walton and Yao Ming.

Ferkel shed some light on Embiid’s injury and provided some shreds of optimism for the fan base.

“Because it was acute and not an old fracture, it wasn’t as severe as if it had been months later and the bone was in a different state of condition,” Ferkel explained. Embiid’s injury was discovered roughly within two weeks of it occurring in Ferkel’s opinion.

The quick discovery could be the key to Embiid’s long term health. Ferkel referenced the injury to Walton’s navicular bone which went undiscovered for years. He went on to add that the Ming’s and Walton’s injuries were different from Embiid’s.

When asked about when Embiid would hit the floor Ferkel stated “5-9 months.”

Ferkel is hopeful that the quick discovery and the successful surgery will make his risk for future injury minimal at best.

Embiid’s body will have to acclimate itself to the rigors of the NBA and Ferkel is understanding of what Embiid will have to go through. “His body is probably still growing into himself,” Ferkel said. “He has to learn to train properly, how to take care of himself properly and his body has to get acclimated to the stresses that are significant in the NBA.”

Sixers fans are hoping he acclimates himself quite well.

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