By Gabriella Sacidor

WASHINGTON Twp., N.J., (CBS) – What started out as a surprise 18th birthday gift has become an experience one New Jersey family will never forget.

Four generations of the Detrick family from Washington Township, Warren County are set to go skydiving Wednesday afternoon.

Nathan Detrick, 18, his father, Daryl, 43, his grandfather, Dave, 65, and his great-grandfather, Bob, 88, will be taking the skydive jump.

Nathan, a recent graduate of Warren Hills High School, was given the skydive as a birthday gift from his parents.

An outdoor enthusiast, Nathan enjoys activities such as cliff jumping, rock climbing and zip-lining.

“Skydiving was something I wanted to do my entire life,” Nathan said over the phone while hiking Tuesday evening.

“I first asked my Dad if he would like to go along, but he was skeptical,” he said. “He said he wanted to do it when he was younger, but he was on the edge of going and not going.”

Nathan then asked his grandfather if he would like to go along too. After talking about it, Nathan’s dad and grandfather agreed.

On Father’s Day the family went out for breakfast. That’s when Nathan jokingly asked his great-grandfather if he would like to go too.

“I asked, ‘Hey Pop Pop, you want to go skydiving with us?’ said Nathan. “I never thought he would say yes in about 1,000 years.”

“After about five minutes, I said, ‘I’m in,’” his great-grandfather Bob Detrick said.

“I’ll be leaving for college in three weeks, so it’s kind of like a last hurrah, the last thing we’ll get to do together,” explained Nathan, who will be attending North Carolina State in Raleigh, N.C.

“This is going to be exciting, four generations of Detricks,” Bob said.

The entire Detrick family will be there to cheer them on at Alexandria Airport in Pittstown, Hunterdon County at noon on Wednesday.

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