6:20 Chris talks about the border patrol scandal and says that he believes the Mexican Government is in compliance. Government employees are encouraged not to speak out against the federal agencies they work for.

6:50 Mayor Michael Nutter is the Barack Obama of Philadelphia. Chris discusses a Politico article that claims Nutter is too honest.

7:20 Documentary filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch joins Chris to discuss his new film “They Come To America 2“. 

7:35 What’s Trending??

7:50 Chris opens up the phones to hear what callers have to say about the border scandal.

8:00 PA Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick joins Chris to talk about new developments in the Veterans Administration scandal.

8:20 Chris talks about the current political landscape including political ads that are beginning to run.

8:40 Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl is returning to an active desk job in San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston.






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