By Dr. Brian McDonough, Medical Editor

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – High blood pressure is called the silent killer. It’s well known that many people refuse to take medications to control it or they stop taking medicine because of unwanted side effects. These people put themselves at great risk because they can go days and weeks with high blood pressure.

There are also people who know that controlling hypertension is important, but they don’t always have the pressure under control because the common drugs that work for most of us do not work for them. The good news is there are specialists who deal with these tougher cases.

There are many well-qualified doctors, but cardiologists and nephrologists, doctors who specialize in kidney problems, can be of great help.

Controlling hypertension is an important way to avoid the long-term damage of uncontrolled pressure. A group that I really like are nephrologists. These doctors work with controlling blood pressure through the additional training they have received.
If you are having trouble with blood pressure and are trying to control it – consider their help.

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