By Kim Glovas

PENNINGTON, N.J. (CBS) – A new method of treating aggressive brain tumors is being used at the Capital Institute for Neurosciences in Pennington, New Jersey.

The treatment required doctors specializing in cancer, heart and brain tumors to work together, using technology originally used on heart patients. Dr. Erol Veznedaroglu, a vascular neurosurgeon, is part of the team.

“We take this micro-catheter, we find the artery that’s feeding the tumor and we literally douse the tumor with the chemotherapy,” he explains.

Dr. Vez, as he is known, says results have been promising, particularly for a 41-year-old Vineland man who was given six months to live…one year ago:

“This isn’t a cure for this cancer. Tis is very early, we don’t know the long-term is, we know those cells are still brewing, but right now, I can tell you in all my years, this is one of the most promising and effective means of treatment I’ve ever seen.”

For more information on the next level of FDA trials, call 1-609-537-7300.

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