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Fans Talk ‘Seinfeld’ 25 Years After Show’s Pilot Episode

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(credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

(credit: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

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By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s been 25 years since the popular TV show ‘Seinfeld’ made its debut. Folks who grew up watching the sitcom say they can’t believe it’s been that long since the first episode aired.

“Oh my gosh. Is it really? It makes me feel old.”

“I feel like I’ve seen every episode, but it seems like we were just watching it.”

Fans of ‘Seinfeld’ say the show has so much become a part of their lives, it has infiltrated their conversations and cultural references.

“Elaine, the dancing episode, because we tease my sister about that a lot — that she dances like Elaine.”

“My favorite episode is when Jerry has the overdue library book.”

The show introduced viewers to various foods.

“We would see something on there and we would try Ovaltine or we’d try the chocolate babka, because they’d just talk about it on there! It’s like, hmmmm, let’s check it out!”

And, of course, there were lessons to be learned:

“You get what you pay for. Don’t be cheap and don’t be rude!”

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