By Robin Culverwell, Matt Rivers and Tim Jimenez

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A son and grandson are now charged in the death of an 88-year-old Montgomery County man.

Jack St. Onge lived in this quiet house on Arch Road in Plymouth Township, Montgomery County, for decades.

But now, it’s a crime scene, after investigators say the 88-year-old man was murdered inside by his son, David St. Onge. St. Onge then conspired with his son David St. Onge Jr. to dispose of the body.

Authorities say on June 10, Jack threatened to kick David Sr. out of the house. Then, authorities say David Sr. hit his father in the back of the head with a flashlight, checked and found no signs of life.

The pair allegedly brought his body to a wooded area near the Pennsylvania, New York border in Susquehanna County, about 150 miles away. Authorities say the victim had been wrapped in a tarp and dumped along State Route 2036, in Gibson Township. It was later found by workers clearing out brush from the area last Friday.

“Nothing really surprises me anymore, but for something like that to happen in this rural community, it’s a little scary. You don’t just find, uh, yeah, body laying on the side of the road every day,” Susquehanna County resident Adam Longacre said.

“I would never, well, never used to worry about anything I guess now you kind of do have to worry a little bit,” Susquehanna County resident Robert Blaisure said.

An autopsy, performed yesterday, determined the death was murder.  Subsequent identification led police to the victim’s home in East Norriton, where they determined the murder had taken place.

Neighbors say St. Onge had been missing for some time and that he lived with his son and his grandson.

“He’s been our neighbor since 66.”

Marian Wilbar knew St. Onge well, as said the loss is tough to take.

“I got along fine with him, we’d go out to dinner, I just can’t believe it,” Wilbar said.

Law enforcement officials first arrived here on scene during the day on Tuesday. CBS 3 has seen representatives from the Montgomery County’s District Attorney’s Office, Plymouth Township Police, and State Police.

They’ll be joining their counterparts from Susquehanna County in what will likely be an investigation that spans multiple counties.

David St. Onge is also charged with stealing items from his father’s house.

Authorities say David Sr. removed a gold bracelet, gold necklace pendant and gold ring from his father’s body which he pawned off in Philadelphia for $500. Police say he used the money to buy heroin and food. Investigators also say David Sr. took his father’s credit cards to buy gas, food and cash advances.


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