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Pop-A-Lock CEO, Don Marks and COO Rob Reynolds talk to Ukee Washington about crucial information for what every parent needs to know about essential summer safety for your children! Philadelphia’s summer’s strong heat indexes and the recent tragedies across our country caused by hyperthermia due to children being locked or forgotten in hot cars, Pop-A-Lock provides educational awareness and services to prevent such tragedies.

Using Pop-A-Lock’s Mascot PAL, Bill Mercer, the Owner of the Pop-A-Lock of Philadelphia demonstrates how quickly Pop-A-Lock will open a car during an emergency when the right steps are taken.

Pop-A-Lock also provides a number of specialized lock repair & replacement services to schools, corporations, business, and individuals.

Go to PopALock.com for free home, school, or business/facility security audits.

Never use a security person unless you can see in advance: a vehicle with a logo, a uniformed technician, and unless you are sure that they have been criminally background checked. Pop-A-Lock will send a picture of your technician and vehicle when you request service.

In an emergency first call 911 then call Pop-a-Lock at 215-696-5625. For more information go to http://www.popalock.com/ 

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