PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — While some fans are frustrated with the Sixers draft results, the patient ones are pleased. While Sixers first-round acquisitions Joel Embiid and Dario Saric will not contribute immediately, both have tremendous upside. Most NBA analysts and writers realize like and are praising Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie for a second-straight year.

Yahoo Sports 

On Joel Embiid pick – A

“He projects as a defensive specialist right away in the NBA, but the potential is there for him to develop into a multi-dimensional scorer,” Jeff Eisenberg wrote. “Some scouts have said he’s farther along than Hakeem Olajuwon was at the same stage of their developments.”

On Dario Saric – C

“Saric is an intriguing prospect who handles the ball well for his size, shows good court vision and passing, and scores in the half court or transition,” said Eisenberg. “A player with his skills might be worth waiting for, but patience is tough to preach in the NBA.”

Chad Ford, ESPN, Incomplete

“There may be more pieces of the puzzle that we’ve yet to see,” Ford wrote. In five years, if Embiid is a superstar and Saric is the next Toni Kukoc, my criticisms will seem petty. But it’s a long road, Sixers fans. A long road. And the 2015 NBA draft isn’t as loaded as this draft is and is mostly filled with bigs, the one thing the Sixers are now stockpiled with.”

Adam Fromal, Bleacher Report, A

Fromal on Embiid: “As long as his [Embiid’s] navicular fracture in the right foot and his back injury don’t hold him back, he’ll be a stud at center. Seeing him and Nerlens Noel in the frontcourt has to be terrifying for other teams. Actually, “terrifying” might not be a strong enough word.”

Kurt Helin,, Winner

“Put Embiid next to Nerlens Noel in a couple years and if they can stay healthy they can be a force in the paint,” Helin wrote. “The Sixers got a good future point forward in Dario Saric (who will spend the next two years in Turkey, developing.”

Adi Joseph, USA Today, A+

“Sam Hinkie has a plan for the future, and it’s rarely been this clear,” Joseph wrote. “Embiid and Saric will make little to no impact next year, as Saric will stay in Turkey while Embiid will miss extended time rehabilitating the foot stress fracture that caused his slide from the No. 1 spot. But they have ridiculous potential, as does Micic, a great passer who likely will stay overseas as well.”

Matt More,  

Joel Embiid – B

Dario Saric – D-

Zach Harper,, C-

“A year of tanking got them a potential franchise center who will likely miss this entire season with a stress fracture in his foot,” Harper wrote. “It also got them a forward who won’t be on the team for at least two years.”

NBA Draft Net, A-

Walter Football, B –

Fansided, A

WIP Morning Show fans, A


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