By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Center city Philadelphia gets high marks for walkability. In fact, the research group “Walk Score” gives it an almost-perfect 98%.

But some areas can still be a bit treacherous.  The intersection of Broad and Vine Streets, for example:  four lanes westbound and five lanes eastbound, including two that serve as the on-ramp to an interstate highway (I-676).

“It’s very difficult, there’s so much going on,” said one man waiting to cross.  “As soon as you see the light change, you’d better go!”

The mayor’s transportation office says this stretch of Broad Street, down to City Hall, has one of the highest rates of pedestrian-involved accidents.

That doesn’t surprise pedestrian Andrea Thompson.

“Drivers just don’t follow the lights and the rules — that’s where the dangerous part comes in for me personally,” she said today.   “So I wonder, is it they’re just not aware — although they passed the test for their license — or they just don’t abide by the rules?  Which makes it dangerous for everyone involved.”

For the record, Pennsylvania law requires cars to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.  It also says pedestrians must obey crossing signals.

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