PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Want to know exactly what is in that beverage you are drinking? There’s a cup for that.

The Vessyl is a normal looking cup, with an extraordinary feature: it knows exactly what is in it at all times.

Justin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Mark One, says “The Vessyl automatically knows what’s inside and can track in real time the calories, protein, sugar, fat and more. It also tracks your hydration. “

The Vessyl knows how much caffeine is in your morning coffee, how much sugar is in your soda and how much protein is in your post-gym smoothie.

“The main goal of the Vessyl is to help you be healthier and make more informed decisions in real time,” says Mark Berman, MD, VP of Health at Mark One.

The Vessyl also syncs to activity trackers to monitor how much you are consuming, along with the calories you are burning.

Another plus is it offers instant feedback to help you make the most informed decision about what you should, or should not, be drinking at any given time.

It also provides wire free charging that you can use while a drink is in the cup.

And yes, the Vessyl works with alcohol.

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