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By Ian Bush

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS) — Lawmakers want to take New Jersey’s foot off Tesla’s brake: a bill that would allow the electric carmaker to sell in the state again has passed the Assembly without a single ‘no’ vote.

The legislation would throw into reverse a move this year by the state Motor Vehicle Commission that slammed the door on Tesla’s business model.

“Selfishly for us in New Jersey, with an economy that’s lagging the nation and an economy that’s lagging our neighboring states, we couldn’t afford to lose this type of innovative company and the jobs that go along with it,” says Assembly majority leader Lou Greenwald.

Greenwald says the decision-makers regret the regulations forcing new car dealers to operate as franchises. Tesla, on the other hand, sells directly to you.

“It’s something we want to see grow in New Jersey. This gives Tesla an opportunity to do just that, and at the same time continue to allow us to look after consumer rights and consumer protection mechanisms as we move forward with the company,” says Greenwald.

The Camden County Democrat says the bill’s prospects in the Senate and on the Governor’s desk look good.

But dealer groups are opposed, saying franchises provide price and safety advantages for car buyers.

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