By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Doctors at Temple University are part of a study to determine if a well known anti inflammatory medication can help treat patients with emphysema.

Emphysema is a chronic and progressive disease that damages lung tissue. Dr. Gerard Criner, chief of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Temple University School of Medicine, says now there are no drugs to reverse that damage. But research shows that a substance called Prostaglandin E may be preventing the body from repairing the lung tissue.

Dr. Criner says Ibuprofen has been shown to suppress Prostaglandin, so the study is trying to determine if this over-the-counter medication can help repair the damage and reduce symptoms.

“Shorter breath, cough, wheezing, limitations on doing whole body exercise by becoming short of breath.”

Millions of Americans suffer from emphysema which is primarily caused by smoking.

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