By Mark Abrams

By Mark Abrams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Youngsters who take part in Philadelphia’s After School Activities Partnership put their Scrabble smarts to the test during a competition inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

“If you like put the letter on them – that doubles your letter or doubles your word and then you got to make the most words and get the most points and you win,” a student said.

A simple explanation from one of the participants in Wednesday’s Scrabble tournament.

Another calls it a thinking person’s game that teaches much more than just strategy.

“It combines vocabulary and spelling,” a student said.

(Reporter:) “Are you good at vocabulary and spelling?”

“No,” said a student.

(Reporter:) “So you learn along the way?”


Paul Carroll has a long association with the After School Activities Partnership.

“They do learn words and just keeping score, they learn strategy. And, it’s been proven through outcomes surveys that after-school programs kids that participate in them their grades improve, their attendance improve,” Carroll said.

And, they have a little fun, too.

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