By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The American Humane Association rolled into South Philadelphia this week, parking a new 50-foot rescue vehicle outside Banfield Pet Hospital on Oregon Avenue, for an emergency preparedness clinic, for pets.

And it’s making the rounds at the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

National Director Justin Scally of American Humane Association’s Red Star Emergency Services says they can deploy quickly.

“It acts as a quick response vehicle so that we can help communities in need during a natural or man-made disaster.”

Tawa: What’s it have aboard that you find useful?

Scalley: We have rescue equipment, equipment to do triage of animals, animal care products.

Dr. Kirk Breuninger, a veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital encourages pet owners to prepare a pet emergency kit to weather a storm. First off, stuff a duffel bag with bottled water.

“We recommend that you keep two one gallon jugs of water that you can fill up per pet.”

Keep canned pet food, with a can opener, and include bowls in the duffel. Also, have a pet carrier or crate at the ready, large enough to hold a food and water bowl.

“You want to make sure your pet can stand up and turn around in the carrier.”

Scally has another tip in case you’re separated and a pet gets displaced.

“Make sure you have a current photograph of you with your pet so you’re able to show that as proof to whoever may have your animal, maybe it’s a shelter or rescue group, that this is your animal.”

A microchip can help ensure a pet’s safe return. It’s also important to have a collar, leash and proper ID tags.

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