By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s not hardware but instead software that Apple is talking up during its developers conference in San Francisco. A free update is coming this fall for Mac desktops and laptops.

And KYW tech editor Ian Bush reports the operating system for iPhone and iPad also is getting a refresh.

“Today we’re announcing iOS 8,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said.

Cook chiding rival Android:

“…which dominates the mobile malware market.”

But it also has a stranglehold on global sales: three out of every four mobile devices are Android.

To compete, Apple’s Craig Federighi says iOS 8 will run connected appliances in your home.

“With Siri integration, you can say something like ‘get ready for bed,’ and be assured that your garage door is closed, your garage door is locked, your thermostat is lowered and your lights are dimmed,” Federighi said.

Family Sharing links calendars, reminders, photos — and songs, shows, apps.

“You can get at not just your purchases, but the purchases of all the members of your family,” Federighi said.

Apple teams with Mayo Clinic on a Health app that can signal a doctor if your blood pressure is out of whack.

And there are new messaging features: reply by audio or video to a text; choose from predictive suggestions as you type; and opt out of group chats (or pick who stays in).

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