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By Todd Quinones

CAMDEN, Del., (CBS) — A severe storm left two people injured and several homes destroyed in Kent County, Delaware.

On Friday morning, The National Weather Service confirmed that an E-F 1 tornado touched down in the area.

At least one mobile home was obliterated by the storm.

There is little left in place other than the front steps.

Pieces of the home were twisted and scattered throughout the neighborhood.

The 51-year-old man who lives here was trapped under debris.

“The lady was out there saying help her, help her, because her husband was in there and he couldn’t get out,” eyewitness Betty Jakes said.

Jakes was visiting her sister when just before 5 p.m. the sky turned dark.

“We ran into the bathroom and then it was really just kind of shaking,” she said. “I was so scared, to be honest with you.”

The strong winds damaged 10 to 15 homes here, as many as four or five of them may be condemned.

Much of the damage centers around the area of Darling Farm Road in Camden.

“About 5 o’clock this evening there was a funnel cloud spotted in this area, multiple confirmations of a funnel cloud which included torrential winds, torrential rains coming through.  Also there was a report of hail,” said Sergeant Paul Shavack of Delaware State Police.

The 51-year-old man who was trapped in his mobile home was taken to the hospital, as was his wife.

Fortunately they have only have minor injuries and despite all of the damage in Camden, they were the only ones who were injured.

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