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CLEMENTON, N.J. (CBS) — The Camden County Health Department has been notified that a bat removed from a yard in Clementon has tested positive for rabies.

A family noticed a dying bat in their yard during the afternoon on May 19. The family contacted the Camden County Health Department and the Animal Control Officer for Clementon.

The ACO retrieved the bat and arranged for it be tested for rabies. The bat was then submitted to the NJDHSS Public Health & Environmental Laboratory in Trenton.

The Camden County Health Department was notified on May 22 that the animal was rabid.

The family was notified and the family’s dogs, which may have been exposed to the bat, will be seen by their veterinarian who will handle their prophylaxis.

“Although rabies is a serious illness, it can be prevented by early treatment,” said Freeholder Carmen Rodriguez, liaison to the Camden County Health Department.  “If you have been bitten or scratched by a wild animal it is important that you seek immediate medical attention.”

Rodriguez urged county residents protect themselves, their families, and their pets from rabies by observing a few simple rules, including acting responsibly as a pet owner:

  1. Keep vaccinations up to date for all dogs, cats, and ferrets.
  1. Keep your pets under direct supervision so they do not come in contact with wild animals.  If your pet is bitten by a wild animal, seek veterinary assistance for the animal immediately.
  1. Contact your local animal control agency to remove any stray animals from your neighborhood.  They may be unvaccinated and could be infected by the disease.

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