By Elizabeth Hur

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A shocking incident in Northeast Philadelphia — A family gets a threatening note then finds racist graffiti all over a car in their driveway.

The whole episode has outraged the neighbors and police are investigating.

Only Eyewitness News obtained pictures from the traumatized victim, too upset to talk on camera. The pictures show the “N-word” spray-painted all over the victim’s work vehicle, not once but three times.

Neighbors call the act sickening and ignorant.

Adreese Taylor, Neighbor, said, “No it’s not funny. I don’t know what I would do. I would be angry though, I’d be very upset.”

William McLaughlin, Neighbor, added, “That’s a shame. The guy don’t bother nobody. If it happened to me, man, you can’t put that on camera.”

Police say they were called to the 4600 block of Kendrick Street Wednesday afternoon.

The victim told police, the car he uses for work, a limousine service, was parked in his rear driveway when it was vandalized. Turns out, this is the second time this week, he fell victim.

Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum with the Philadelphia Police Department explained, “During the course of the investigation, we found out that there was a note left yesterday that also had racial overtones that the complainant’s wife retrieved from the inside their door.”

Police say they are searching for a motive. For now, no one can imagine why anyone would target the victim.

Stephen Bonaccorsi, Neighbor said, “He’s just a hard working guy, I don’t see why he would have any problems like that.”

Calling it a serious offense, police say they will continue to conduct more interviews and search for surveillance videos.

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