PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Are you ready for a zombie attack? A camp in South Jersey teaches survival skills to help prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Survival Camp was founded by husband and wife Mark and Suzanne Scelza, both personal trainers.

All classes are taught by certified instructors on their 60-acre camp located in rural South Jersey (the location is revealed after you register).

Mark Scelza says the camp focuses on the skills you need to survive a zombie apocalypse, or any other natural disaster.

He came up with the idea while watching zombie movies with a friend.

“We started debating whether anyone could actually survive a zombie apocalypse,” Mark says.

They looked around on the internet to see if anyone was running a camp, but they didn’t find any —  so he decided to create one.

“My wife thought I was crazy,” he says. “I brought her to a Zombie Walk and she saw the response and how many people came out.  She said, ‘I think you have a great idea.'”

The camp is now in its sixth year.

“We’re the original,” he says.

Although you can learn how to defend yourself against the monsters you see in the movies, the camp is not just about surviving a zombie attack.

“We teach real skills to use in natural disasters and crisis situations.  It’s just fun with the zombie theme,” says Mark.

Zombie Survival Camp teaches basic self-defense techniques to advanced first-aid skills, in addition to live firearms training.

You learn “Zombitsu” (how to fight off an attacking zombie) as well as how to pack a “Bug-Out-Bag” containing all the supplies you need to survive.

“You could grab that bag and survive for 72 hours,” he says.

After Superstorm Sandy, Mark says he received several letters and emails from people that attended the camp.

“People thanked us because of what they had on hand and the skills they learned,” he says.

Mark said he also received a letter from a woman in New York that attend the camp whose apartment building caught fire.

“She said she learned how to live with people she didn’t know. She learned leadership and delegation skills that she used,” says Mark.

Zombie Survival Camp offers day and weekend classes throughout the spring and fall seasons. They also host private events including company team-building classes and bachelor and bachelor parties.

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They provide you a list of what you need and reveal the secret training location.




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