By Diana Rocco

BURLINGTON, N.J., (CBS) –Police in Burlington County are warning parents and children to be on alert.

They are investigating two attempted child luring incidents in the City of Burlington.

In both cases police say the children were approached by one or two men driving a white car and telling them to get inside.

Police are looking for this car after two separate luring attempts less than a week apart.

“He was pretty shaken up, he really was. It was very upsetting for me also,” says grandmother Thelma Hall.

Her nine-year-old grandson was approached by two men in a white car last week on May 8th near Wood and Morris streets walking with a group.

“Some guys in a car approached him and his friends and offered him lunch money if he would get in the car,” says Hall.

The boys ran back to the school and told the principal who called their parents and police.

“Very angry and frustrated, so close to wear I live. I live right in back of here, so that close in broad daylight after school,” she says.

Five days later a few blocks away a 13-year-old girl was walking home when a man pulled up behind her at the corner of Library and East Broad streets.

“A black male inside of the car told her to get in the car. When she told him no, he pretty much pushed. He kept pushing, you know, ‘get in the car, get in the car,’ she took off running,” says Det. Anna Czajka of Burlington Police.

Police are looking to see if the two incidents are related. They got this picture from a surveillance camera and letters were sent home to parents throughout the district.

Parents have been talking to their kids about what to do if they’re approached and older siblings have been walking the younger ones home.

“Anybody that mess with children should be locked up for life,” says parent Ernestein Tucker.

“It’s just disturbing because I have youngest sisters and they’re friendly and they talk to people that speak to them and it’s just like, it’s not good,” says student Imani Miller-Johnson.

Police are looking into several descriptions they were given. They have a description of one man, late 20’s to early 30’s, about 5’7″, with an average build.

Anyone with information is asked to call the City of Burlington Police Department at 609-386-0262 or leave a confidential tip on their website at

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