By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s that time of year to put on a cap and gown.

But not every college grad takes a traditional route, like Raye Goldsborough and her daughter Shiela.

“I started in Peirce in 2006,” Raye explained.  “I got my associate’s in 2010. And now I am getting my bachelor’s degree.”

Thirty years after graduating high school, Raye earned a bachelor’s degree in business management.

The 50-year-old graduated high school back in 1981.

Right after high school graduation, Raye attend Peirce College in Center City, but quickly realized it wasn’t for her, as life took a different turn.

“I was getting married.  Then I had my first daughter, then my second daughter so I put the college education on hold.”

Raye isn’t alone, according to a recent survey of the adults without a degree, 45 percent have some college experience.

The mother of two says she worked in the banking industry, but saw the challenges of moving up the ladder without a college education.

After her kids were grown up, she came across an ad for Peirce College and decided to go back to school.

She explained, “I just picked up the phone and the woman I talked to, I gave her my name and told her I attended Peirce in 1981. She looked up my information and said, ‘Oh we have you on file.’”

Around the same time her daughter Shiela wanted to get an associate’s degree and soon they attended Peirce together!

Shiela said, “I like doing my homework with my mom! I think it’s funny.”

Peirce’s commencement ceremony will take place on June 9th at the Kimmel Center.  Even though Raye and Shiela will be graduating with different degrees, school officials are trying to make it so they both walk together.  Both mom and daughter say it will be an emotional moment.

“I’m really proud of her. I’m about to cry,” Shiela said.

Raye added, “Anyone can do it. It’s been wonderful.”

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