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It Takes Little Power To Make Seeds Flower

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – ‘Sprinkle seeds in garden soil after danger of last frost has passed,’ as the seed packets say. OK! Mid-May is our official ‘final frost’ date, so go ahead! If you sow seeds in sun or shade – whatever it tells you to do on the package – some plants will probably grow.

Start with something simple, like sunflowers, cosmos or zinnias in a sunny spot, or basil or tomatoes in a pot. If you think you don’t know enough to grow anything – don’t worry – the seeds do. People like to feel powerful, but plants pretty much take care of themselves.

Consider this: I planted tulip bulbs in pots in the garage in January, piled snow on top of the soil because the outside water was turned off, and then I dragged the pots to the patio a month ago and ignored them. Now, the tulips are 18” tall and every single bulb is blooming – no thanks to me. I didn’t plant them in the ground last fall like you’re supposed to, I didn’t fertilize them, or even water them well.

I did everything wrong and it still worked out right – because the bulbs knew what to do.

Seeds are smart too. Sprinkle some and see.

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