By David Madden

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — Students at West Chester University today held an on-campus rally to draw attention to recent rash of sexual assaults: five in little more than a month.

The message of the few dozen students was clear:  the school needs to do more.

“We’re willing to say someone has burned something down and call them an arsonist, but people jump through hoops not to call someone a rapist — and it’s not OK,” said one woman, who said she had been a victim of sexual assault.

University spokeswoman Loretta MacAlpine says there are processes in place to address these concerns and the recent rash of attacks are an aberration.

“It just happens to have been concentrated in the short space of about a month, and it’s just very unusual for us to experience that kind of thing,” she said today.

Only one recent incident was referred to authorities for prosecution.  In that case, a 61-year-old non-student was issued a ticket for fondling a young woman in the library.

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