By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – As has happened in years before, public opinion does not hold teachers in high esteem. And on income charts, teachers – even with bachelor’s’ degrees – they’re on the low end for professionals. Yet, this week during Teacher Appreciation Month, teachers get high marks, and they should.

Every year the Phillies have a contest, asking kids and their families to identify their best teachers. Entries must be submitted in writing either by a student or a family member.

This year 1,000 nominations were submitted and a group of judges selected 10 teachers from a remaining 300. As a judge, I love reading the entries and the 2014 group was different.

Several moving letters praised teachers who give students prescription medicine each day; perhaps reflecting budget cuts and fewer nurses. Others remembered teachers years later – teachers who told them they were good writers, motivating them to continue to write.

All stood proudly on the field before the game, applauded by large crowds from their schools.

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