By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Parents at an elementary school in Nicetown have voted overwhelmingly to keep the school under district control, instead of converting it to a charter.

There were two votes at Steel Elementary on Thursday:  The general parent vote was 121-55 to keep Steel a district school.  A separate School Advisory Council vote was 9-8 to convert Steel to a Mastery charter.

Even before the results were announced, some parents filed a grievance with the district.  SAC president Kendra Brooks said many longtime SAC parents hadn’t toured a Mastery school, as the district required as a prerequisite to vote.

“We have long-standing, active parents at this school being disqualified.  That is not fair,” Brooks said.


(Kendra Brooks.  Photo by Mike DeNardo)

(Kendra Brooks. Photo by Mike DeNardo)


A spokesman says the district is reviewing the grievance.  The School Reform Commission gets the final call on whether Steel becomes a charter.  That vote is scheduled for the May 29 meeting.



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