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By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – No matter what the breed or age, all dogs need a certain amount of exercise on a daily basis.

Dogs instinctively love to walk. By nature, dogs have very natural and active tendencies, both physically and mentally; therefore they need physical challenges and mental stimulation daily. Without both of these, dogs can feel isolated, frustrated and anxious, which can ultimately lead to developing behavioral problems.

Walking is certainly the best exercise for dogs since it’s inherently part of their ancestry with the pack. They’re used to social structure and order so walking helps them both mentally and physically. Dogs are used to walking together as part of their natural heritage.

It certainly has its advantages for dogs both physically and psychologically. Physically, it helps to expend their extra energy so that they can become more calm and relaxed. This greatly helps them to learn and focus. It also helps to keep them healthy and limber, aids in reducing digestive problems and also helps with weight control.

Psychologically, walking helps to build their confidence and trust levels while instinctively, it’s a great bonding exercise for dogs to walk together.

It’s best to walk your dog every day, twice a day, or more, if possible. Just keep in mind your dog’s age and appropriate capabilities and limitations, for example, for senior dogs and ailing dogs, the walk should be kept shorter and upon what they can handle.

Take a healthy walk with your dog today!

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