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By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We don’t have to just look fondly in the rearview mirror at Saturday’s beautiful weather, because we will be doing it again today. Only a few minor tweeks – such as slightly cooler temperatures, bit more wind and a smidgen more in the way of high clouds – separate the weekend conditions.

But for Easter weather, after a winter of yuck, this feels great.

High pressure keeps the lid on things right through Monday night with highs tomorrow into the upper 60’s after today’s highs pegged around 64 degrees.

A front comes through on Tuesday and before it gets here Tuesday afternoon, the temperatures will do the cold front split personality act.

Temperatures before the front far warmer, into the low 70’s, than behind the front, in the low 60’s on Wednesday.

We’ll start a quick warm up after that and by Friday we should be back in the low 70’s.

That’s a cycle we can live with, happily.

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