By Ian Bush

By Ian Bush

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A device we highlighted as one of the best of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show is getting closer to reality. It’s a power adapter for laptops that promises to help lighten your load.

The power converter changes the juice from your wall into the proper current or voltage that your electronics can sip.

“Everyone was complaining to us about how their laptop brick was too heavy and too bulky and could we solve that problem.”

That’s what Vanessa Green says her company, FINsix, has done with the Dart:

“It’s about four times smaller and six times lighter than the adapter that you carry around today. So think more like a phone charger.”

In fact, it has a USB port to top off your phone as you do the same for your laptop. The brushed aluminum case comes in several colors.

“Heat is obviously something that we have to think about with the form factor, but we’ve designed to keep it at a temperature that’s comfortable to touch for our users.”

The Dart weighs a fraction of a pound — a little more than two ounces — and works with most models below 65 watts. The $79 version (there are others available) for PCs quickly sold out during a Kickstarter campaign that opened this week; a Macbook Dart is pricier ($148 on Kickstarter).

“There are some restrictions around the way we can use Apple’s products, which basically involves buying one of the Mac adapters and using the tip to be compatible with the Macbook. That’s the approach we’re taking, and as a result it’s unfortunately a little bit more expensive.”

Both should ship by the end of this year for early adopters.

“We’re certainly going to be expanding through other retail channels, so next year you’ll be able to look for the product on shelves. Also, we’re looking at partnerships with some of the major laptop OEMs, so hopefully, ultimately, the product will ship in the box with your laptop — it’ll just come as your standard adapter.”


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