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By Glen Macnow

Score: 4.25
Price: $5.20 plus 40 cents for a slice of cheese.
Location: Multiple. We went to the one in Wynnewood.

The pitch here is that everything is organic and eco-friendly and super healthy. Hey, if I wanted something healthy I wouldn’t be eating 40 burgers in 40 days. They grind their meat on premises, which is nice. They boast 100-percent grass-fed beef, which is a plus.

What they can’t boast about is a well-constructed burger. Our burger was a dripping mess that fell apart as quickly as the Sixers season. Three bites in and the roll took on the consistency (as well as the taste) of wet cardboard. Don’t come here in your good clothes, because there’s grease and juice flying all over the place and some of it’s bound to land on your tie.

I’ll give them a plus for presenting a thick burger for a good price. But that’s about it. Elevation Burger can boast as much as it wants about recycling its olive oil into bio-diesel waste, but appealing to my liberal do-gooder conscience isn’t enough to make me want to scarf down another of these glop-burgers.

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