By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you’re doing some spring cleaning and come across some old local television or radio broadcast tapes or other mediums, a local organization wants to hear from you.

The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia is continuing to work on its Digital Archival Project.

One of the oldest audio archives that Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia has is from a boxing match in 1933 broadcast on WCAU radio.

Many of the 16-inch radio transcript discs of that time were made of aluminum and they are hard to find because many were melted down to support the war effort during the Roosevelt administration.

Gerry Wilkinson is a historian and chairman of broadcast pioneers.

“It was more of a morale building type of a situation where they wanted people on the home front to feel like they had something to do with the war effort, that they were helping their sons or their husbands.”

The oldest film clip in the archives is from the nation’s first soap opera dates back to 1942.

“Last Year’s Nest” aired on then WPTZ channel 3 in Philadelphia.

If you come across some old broadcasts materials that can be preserved for generations to come, visit:

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