By Glen Macnow

Score: 6.15
Price: Sirloin Angus Burger is $9.95 plus extra for cheese and bacon
Location: 116 S. 11th Street

This is a well-respected BBQ joint with a loyal following. So we expected them to know Rule No. 1 of producing a top-notch burger: Don’t over-handle the meat. Alas, our generously sized burger arrived looking (and tasting) like some street jugglers had their way with it. None of the “grinder worms,” for lack of a better phrase that keep your Grade A prime from getting tough. And so a beautiful mix of sirloin and Angus beef from Wells Meats never got its moment in the sun. Or at the top of this contest.

That’s our only beef here – so to speak – but it’s insurmountable. Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, it was a great play. The flavor of the meat, the bun, the caramelized onions – all top-notch. We even sprung for a little avocado on the side, just to be able to say we’d eaten something green this day. But texture – it’s all about the texture.

This contest is keeping things simple with basic burgers. But they’ve got some frills and gee-gaws on the menu at Smokin’ Betty’s that are worth your time and money. The Betty Burger combines beef with confit pork belly and finishes it with a sunny-side egg. So all food groups are involved there.

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