By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – One of Philadelphia’s largest teaching hospitals is about to get a makeover. They’re calling it Jefferson 3.0. It brings the hospital and university together and puts an emphasis on innovation.

“It’s a cross between a 190-year-old institution and a start-up company,” says Jefferson’s energetic president, Stephen Klasko.

Just six months on the job, Klasko says he wants to change the DNA of healthcare. To that aim, he’s introducing a number of new features.

For example, “We’re going to have an institute for emerging health professions. What are some of the jobs that are going to be needed in Philadelphia and beyond in the next five or six years in transformed health care that we don’t even do today?”

And Klasko already has one answer to that question: “There’s going to be significant, significant changes in how patients access providers using PDA’s and telehealth. And we’re going to be one of the leaders of that.”

Klasko plans a telehealth academy and says, by fall, patients’ families will be able to tune in to doctors visits.

Part of the remake includes a new website that encompasses both the University and Hospital:

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