By Glen Macnow
Score: 5.6
Price: $13 for the Tap Burger, plus $3 for bacon.
Location: 39th and Walnut
 It all sounds impressive on the menu:  Creekstone Farms ground beef, Lancaster rustic cheddar, agrodolce onions, beer gastrique, dijonaise and Neuske’s bacon.  Give that menu’s author a bonus. Or else give me a dictionary. Unfortunately, the finished product didn’t live up to its billing. And I still can’t tell you what agrodulce means – although the grilled purple onions added a nice touch.
Here’s the problem: The Tap Burger, although not small, was overwhelmed by the bun. Huge buns, round mound of buns. I could make a Kardashian joke here but I’m above that. Truth is, however, about halfway through eating the burger, I scooped out the innards of the bun to give it all more balance.
Our burger was a bit charred (or burnt) on the outside, crimson red on the inside. Didn’t bother me, I like it that way. My dining partner, however, one Mr. I Reese, declared: “Kill it, it’s still moving.”
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