PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – DeSean Jackson signed a three year, $24 million deal with the Washington Redskins on Wednesday, only four days after being released by the Eagles.

“Definitely I’ll be very excited and stoked to play the Eagles, who wouldn’t be? It’s very exciting,” Jackson said on playing the Eagles next season. “One thing I can say, is anytime we go on that field, whoever we play is gonna be exciting, but that game [against the Eagles] is going to be a little bit more special.”

Jackson’s release came after a career year for the wide receiver, in which he had 82 catches for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. Jackson’s character, relationship with Eagles coach Chip Kelly, and possible affiliations with gang members detailed in an article on, have all been speculated to be major reasons why the Eagles decided to part ways with the Pro Bowler.

“At the end of the day, I understand, I realize that this is a business and that’s the business part of the NFL,” Jackson told ESPN980 radio in Washington D.C. “Unfortunate it had to happen the way it happened and everything that’s been coming out and been said, so. The biggest thing I can say about it is man, I’m just ready to move forward. I don’t feel like I need to sit here and harp on certain things. I think the people that really know me and the teammates that respect me and know what I’m about can tell you what type of player I am and things like that. As you can see how, I am already being embraced here by RG [Robert Griffin II] and DeAngelo Hall and them type of guys like that, that are really respected in this league.”

Now as a Redskin, Jackson will remain in the NFC East and get to face his former team twice as season now, once in Philadelphia.

Jackson’s number that he wore in Philadelphia, number 10, is worn by Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.”

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