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Univ. of Pa. Hospital Exploring Unique Health Needs of LGBT Community

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(File photo of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.)

(File photo of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.)

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By Michelle Durham

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is sponsoring a unique forum this afternoon (4-6pm) that brings health care providers together with experts in the LGBT community to educate them on the unique health care needs of that group.

Baligh Yehia, an assistant professor of medicine and director of Penn Medicine’s Program for LGBT Health, says he is thrilled with the response.

“I think a lot of people recognize this is an area that isn’t discussed a lot. And I think that people just want to really learn more about the LGBT community and what we can do to advance health care,” he said prior to the event.

He says they are always looking to improve services, “to really motiviate and inspire students and faculty to pursue LGBT research so that we can learn more about how to deliver patient- and family-centered care and also to the educators in the crowd so we know where are our gaps are in nursing education and medical education and dental medicine education so we can train the next generation of providers.”


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