PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Monday on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, Dom Giordano spoke with two members of the Israeli Defense Forces who have been on the “Stand with Us” tour of colleges in the United States hoping to educate American students about issues affecting Israel. For security reasons, their last names and official positions were not disclosed.

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One of them, “Hen,” explained why the Israeli army assists many Palestinian humanitarian needs.

“My job in the army — I know it sounds very unique, why would an army take care of people on the other side that many times would sometimes be considered as enemies? The Israel Defense Force understands that on the other side are many civilians. Some of them are involved in the conflict, some of them are actively involved in terrorism and attack, but many of them are not. Many of them want to live their life, and the job of my unit was to make sure that those that are not involved would not be affected by the conflict or to minimize the effect of the conflict,” he explained.

“Sharon” described the reactions and opinions they see at colleges here in America.

“We experience a very welcoming [atmosphere] at colleges and some who ask difficult but interesting questions, and we are to talk to everyone who is willing to listen to try to share with them experiences from our army services, and share the truth basically,” she said.

She lamented that she often hears the situation is Israel compared with apartheid.

“That’s very insulting to people that actually suffered from apartheid in South Africa. There’s nothing to do with Israel and apartheid. Israeli Arabs are given the same rights. It’s almost funny that I have to say it, this is how obvious it is to us as Israelis. What makes me fear the most is when you say something as many times as those movements say it, it becomes the truth, even though it’s a complete lie…We are here to simply speak the truth,” she said.

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