By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Students in Finland are among some of the highest performing in the world in reading and math.

What is surprising is that compulsory school attendance does not start until age 7.

While the US is striving for better achievement, the focus is on preschool starting as young as 3, based on research.
Finland starts its mandatory preschool at 6 years and school at 7, as a result of other research showing that earlier does not bring better results.

Finland’s day care teachers have bachelor’s degrees snd elementary and secondry teachers have master’s degrees. Teachers are valued highly in that society.

Mothers have the option of staying home with benefits until children are 3. According to Krista Kiuru, Finnish Minister of Education and Science, while the nation would benefit from skilled professional women returning to the workforce, the government wants to guarantee equal and universal opportuniy for kids and mothers.

Staying home is good insurance.

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