PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Over the past few days, trade rumors have swirling about Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The conversation, whether on Twitter, in the streets of Philadelphia, or on 94.1 WIP, has been dominated by Jackson opinions, theories, and conspiracies.

Last night, at Todd Herreman’s second annual Hoops 4 Help Fundraiser, the topic of discussion was, of course, DeSean Jackson.

“I’d love for DeSean to be here. I think he’s a tremendous asset to our team,” Herremans told CSN Philly’s John Clark. “But you know, I also think that no one on our team or on our roster is irreplaceable,” he continued. “So if it happened that he wasn’t here, I think we would be just fine.”

Fellow wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who has played along side Jackson in Eagles green since he was drafted by Philadelphia in 2009, was asked if Jackson was part of the culture the Eagles are trying to build.

“I mean, I guess. Like I said, if they’re trying to do whatever they’re trying to do, that’s what they’re trying to do,” Maclin told Clark. “So I don’t know.”

Eagles defensive end, Trent Cole, who spent his entire nine-year career in Philadelphia, said he understands changes need to be made sometimes.

“As long as I been with the Eagles changes have to be made for us to be successful and the Eagles are doing what they have to do to create a culture on this team and also create a team that’s gonna be successful and a team that is gonna take us to a Super Bowl,” Cole said.

Jackson, who is set to make over $10 million in 2014, is coming off an 82 catch, 1,332 yard, nine touchdown career season in 2013 and many speculate the trade rumors have to do with much more than just football.

“I’m sure there’s more things in play,” Herremans, the nine-year Eagles veteran guard, said. “I know that he’s supposed to make a lot of money this year, you know, but I also know that our system is a system that can supposedly plug in a fast guy into that position and have our system still work. DeSean is going to be a hard guy to replace, but like I said, I don’t think anyone is irreplaceable.”

“This was a similar situation when the Eagles decided to part ways with T.O. [Terrell Owens],” Maclin said. “That’s just how the game goes sometimes.”

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